Saturday, September 19, 2015

Automated Robotic Psychologist?

What a relief! It can't be done for now and the near future.... How would you feel being listened to by a robot? Well  but in Japan some some men date their virtual girlfriend... have to read yet people consulting a robotic psychotherapist...

So for now Psychologist are safe from losing their job. So better become licensed Psychologist or  RP.

What makes a job susceptible to automation?
Certain aspects of a job are simpler to automate than others.
Social workers, nurses, therapists and psychologists are among the least likely occupations to be taken over as assisting and caring for others, which involves empathy, is a crucial part of the job.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


In this post we are comparing results of the Board Licensure Examination for Psychologist and Psychometrician (BLEPP), as shown summarized in table above for Psychologist or RP (Registered Psychologist). Taken into consideration are data of top scores, number of schools participated and their performance, etc. 

Highest graded posted in the 2014 BLEPP (Psychologist) was 82.20% obtained by Ms. Katrine Suaybaguio Bunagan of Ateneo de Manila University. There wer only four of them who made it to top three.

The passing rate was pegged at 66.04% with 35 passers and 18 failed with total of 53 Examinees represented by 14 Schools. University of Sto. Tomas has 15 examinees followed by Ateneo de Manila University and Polytechnic University of the Philippines with six examinees each for the most number of examinees (six above).

In 2015, 82.30% was the highest grade obtained by Sampaguita Quijano Adapon of Ateneo de Manila University among the top 3 highest score.

For BLEPP (Psychologist) 2015, passing rate was pegged at 56.25% for first timers (a total of 36 passed and 28 failed for an overall 64 examinees ).  For all 12 repeaters nobody passed. 

The national passing rate for 2015 is 47.37%  for both first timers and repeaters for a total of 76 examinees (36 passed and 40 failed). There were a total of 22 schools who took the licensure exam.  This year Ateneo de Manila University has the most number of examinees at 21, followed by PUP with 8 examinees (both 5 first timer examinees and 3 repeaters 4did not pass), and UST with a total of 7 examinees (4 first timers and 3 repeaters).