Sunday, May 6, 2018

Table of Specifications for BLEPP - Psychologists

Table of Specifications for BLEPP - Psychologist
(since 2014)

With the eminent change in the board composition of the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology, this 2014 released Table of Specifications could be its last. There have been rumors that new subjects will be added. So for those planning to take the licensure exam this October 2018, this could be your last chance.

Some are saying that the TOS does not reflect the actual content of the board, but since this was issued by PRC then logically it should at least contain what will be covered during the exam. At least  this serves as a guide should you want to know what to cover for your review. Prioritize  what's in the TOS and  then do extra review for areas you would still want to cover.

So another kita-kits in the offing at PICC for BLEPP 2018!